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I have been working with Scarlett for many months now. Indeed I have recently advocated her for DM,so one might wonder why I'm advocating her this soon to become a DD. The first reason is thet her DM presentation got delayed due to lack of proper signatures in her PGP key, which is clearly now fixed. Now in the meantime I have been reviewing lots of packages from her, and her packaging skills have *greatly* improved, to the point I'm mostly doing nitpicking.

She cares for lots of packages under the Qt/KDE umbrella, being of the few people who normally prepares uploads for KDE stuff and lots of works within the Qt stack itself. Moreover she has full maintainer rights within our team's salsa.d.o instance.

And one more last thing, but definitely not less important: it's a pleasure to work with her.

So I really consider Scarlett deserves full unsupervised, unrestricted uploads rights.
Signed with key 12DD FA84 AC23 B2BB F04B 313C AB64 5F40 6286 A7D0
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