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I have personally worked with Anuradha Weeraman <>
(key F56B8F14E014CDEF5D047FC1636DB5A1D91860FD) for years (since we met
15 years ago), and I know Anuradha Weeraman can be trusted to be a
full member of Debian, and have unsupervised, unrestricted upload
rights, right now.  Around 2007-2008, when he first tried to become
a DD, I helped sponsoring his packages (ncc, jacksum, copyfs).  Now,
using Salsa, I do sponsor upload for his new packages (watchman, ksh).
Signed with key 1241 24BD 3B48 62AF 7A0A 42F1 00B4 5EBD 4CA7 BABE
gniibe 2019-10-24 [view raw]


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