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Signed statements

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For, at 2020-02-11:
I support Alberto Molina Coballes <>'s request to become Debian Maintainer.
I have worked with Alberto Molina Coballes on arptables, ebtables and iptables packaging (the
pkg-netfilter packaging team) for some time already and I would like him to be able to upload
some of these packages without requiring my sponsorship.

I have personally worked with Alberto Molina Coballes <>
(key EC17692AA093E247E8FA556BF44CDC387CCC61B9) since 2018,
and I know Alberto Molina Coballes can be trusted to have upload rights for
their own packages, right now.

Some great things Alberto did to help improve Debian:

* he sucessfully learnt and embraced many Debian workflows
* integrate into the pkg-netfilter team, helping with several packaging efforts
  in this team.
* adopt the arptabes package, mostly abandoned previous to his intervention
* adopt the ebtables package, mostly abandoned previous to his intervention
* develop and integrate arptables works related to nftables
* develop and integrate ebtables works related to nftables
* help with bug wrangling in the BTS for the team packages
* extensive help in the iptables package, which is a challenging package
* general help with managing the transition from the x_tables framework to the
  nftables within Debian.
Signed with key DD98 61AB 23DC 3333 892E 07A9 68E7 1398 1D15 15F8
arturo 2020-02-11 [view raw]


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