Gianfranco Costamagna

Account namelocutusofborg
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2015-08-01

Short Biography

I was born in 1988 in Savigliano, a little town in north-west Italy. I started using Linux with Knoppix (3.4 IIRC), because of the livecd features, playing with it at school and home, and I started loving it at the same time :)

My first installed OS has been Ubuntu, because of the live cd and the "shipit" feature, and I'm still currently using it. With my M.Sc. Eng. I took the possibility to start seriously working with Linux, and I started sending patches (privately) to developers. My Debian contribution(s) started because I would like to see my effort in bug fixing spread to all the derivative distros (I also send relevant patches upstream). I would like one day to switch to Debian only (Ubuntu is still the family primary OS), because since the last 2 years I'm almost only contributing there.

I started contributing with boinc* packages (thanks to who trusted and kindly asked me to join the DM process, helping me in my first steps), after I started looking to docbook2x (for some time it has been broken in unstable), and I moved also to ettercap (becoming upstream developer some years ago). My great challenge has been hedgewars, a "potpourri" of various languages (haskell, c++, qt, pascal, sdl and so on), that improved my skills in packaging and showed me the cmake powers (also gave me the possibility to contribute a little in the ghc packaging). I packaged libsdl2-gfx, my first NEW upload in early 2014, and after it I learnt how libraries work in Debian and gave my little help in some transitions (I also successfully completed some). Some contributions I made were for sdlgfx, for nifti2dicom, tomcat7, virtualbox{,*}, insighttoolkit/insighttoolkit4, vtk, gccxml, filezilla, eject (little patch testing), wapiti (adopted the package), binwalk (adopted the package), poedit, wxwidgets3.0 (I introduced the new webview sub-package, needed for boinc), lucene++ (packaged from the Ubuntu one, needed in new poedit), python-pyqtgraph (I packaged it from scratch, needed for the new binwalk release), flex, qviaggiatreno, sqlmap, cld2, libserial, ... I also packaged casablanca, because needed for the upcoming poedit releases. I also helped in ~5 transitions with patches and uploads (with great help from my sponsors). the list of the packages I mostly contribute can be seen here I would like to continue my learning process, as well as my contributions, to help fixing RC bugs and improve the packages quality on the archive. My current workplace is a startup company with focus on embedded systems for automotive (we ship a custom yocto-based linux distro) I'm also a penetration tester (VA-PT), and collaborator of backbox linux (repository maintainer).

Personal history

Old-style processes
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locutusofborg Sept. 27, 2014 Aug. 1, 2015 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed pjb moeller, tobi

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2016-07-12 2017-06-26 DM Unit 193 unit193 Closed
2016-07-13 2016-12-21 DD, upl. Jessica Clarke jrtc27 Closed lfaraone
2016-07-27 2016-07-31 DM Frédéric Bonnard frediz Closed
2016-08-06 2016-08-19 DM Víctor Cuadrado Juan viccuad Closed
2016-08-13 2016-08-29 DM Mo Zhou lumin Closed
2016-08-18 2016-09-04 DM Elena Grandi valhalla Closed
2016-09-05 2017-02-08 DD, upl. Bastien Roucariès rouca Closed zeha
2016-09-08 2016-12-21 DD, upl. Sean Whitton spwhitton Closed gwolf
2016-09-08 2016-09-12 DM Samuel Henrique samueloph Closed
2016-09-30 2017-10-29 DD, upl. Frédéric Bonnard frediz Closed sramacher
2016-10-15 2016-10-20 DM Dmitry Bogatov kaction Closed
2016-11-24 2016-12-21 DM Julien Puydt jpuydt Closed
2016-12-01 2016-12-21 DM Nicholas D Steeves sten Closed
2016-12-21 2017-01-20 DM William Blough bblough Closed
2017-01-20 2017-01-26 DM Félix Sipma felix Closed
2017-02-07 2017-05-07 DD, upl. Roger Shimizu rosh Closed asb
2017-03-16 2018-08-04 DD, upl. Ruben Undheim rubund Closed onovy
2017-05-11 2017-08-12 DD, upl. Jeremy Bicha jbicha Closed gwolf
2017-05-20 2017-08-01 DD, upl. Ross Gammon rossgammon Closed santiago
2017-06-20 2017-06-26 DM+account Ryan Tandy rtandy Closed
2017-06-25 2017-08-01 DM Boyuan Yang byang Closed
2017-07-23 2018-03-19 DD, upl. Julien Puydt jpuydt Closed zigo
2017-08-24 2018-04-11 DM Geoffroy Youri Berret kaliko Closed
2017-09-08 2017-09-17 DM Philippe Thierry philou Closed
2017-11-06 2018-03-23 DM David Mohammed fossfreedom Closed
2017-11-07 2017-11-09 DM Marcos Fouces marcos Closed
2017-11-30 2018-04-24 DD, upl. Samuel Henrique samueloph Closed laney
2018-01-14 2018-02-24 DM Innocent De Marchi bitemuse Closed
2018-01-21 2018-04-24 DD, upl. Peter Pentchev roam Closed noodles
2018-01-30 2018-02-24 DM David Rabel nore Closed
2018-02-11 2018-10-22 DD, upl. Dmitry Bogatov kaction Closed reichel
2018-05-04 2018-05-08 DM Simon Quigley tsimonq2 Closed
2018-05-20 2018-06-04 DM James Lu jlu Closed
2018-06-24 2018-07-02 DM Phil Morrell emorrp1 Closed
2018-06-28 2018-08-04 DD, upl. Mo Zhou lumin Closed tin
2018-07-17 2019-01-14 DD, upl. Unit 193 unit193 Closed zeha
2018-07-26 2018-08-04 DD, upl. Daniel Baumann daniel Closed
2018-08-23 2018-11-20 DD, upl. Simon Quigley tsimonq2 Closed tin
2018-10-16 2018-10-22 DM Gard Spreemann gspr Closed
2019-04-15 2020-09-24 DD, upl. Marcos Fouces marcos Closed mejo
2019-05-27 2019-06-25 DM Bastian Germann bage Closed
2020-11-16 2021-06-12 DD, upl. Félix Sipma felix Closed sramacher
2021-02-28 2021-03-24 DM Markus Schade ascii Closed
2022-05-12 2022-05-19 DM Alec Leamas leamas Closed
2022-06-26 2023-03-01 DD, upl. James Lu jlu Closed pgt
2023-07-23 2023-12-03 DD, upl. Philip Wyett kathenas Closed
2023-09-07 2023-10-25 DD, upl. Salvo Tomaselli ltworf Closed pgt
2023-12-06 2024-01-22 DD, upl. Philip Wyett kathenas Collecting requirements
2024-01-21 2024-01-23 DD, upl. Adam Borowski kilobyte Collecting requirements
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stender Sept. 2, 2015 Feb. 24, 2016 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed tobi locutusofborg
edward May 19, 2016 July 10, 2016 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed jmw locutusofborg