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Processes currently open

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM Requirements
2016-10-28 2016-11-15 DD, non-upl. Daniel Lenharo de Souza lenharo Collecting requirements santiago ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-07-07 2017-04-23 DD, non-upl. Lisa Baron jeffity Approved santiago ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✔AM report
2016-09-30 2016-12-21 DD, upl. Frédéric Bonnard frediz Collecting requirements sramacher ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-07-08 2016-08-18 DD, upl. Allison Randal wendar Collecting requirements czchen ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-09-07 2016-10-04 DD, upl. Benjamin Kaduk bjk Collecting requirements christoph ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-03-16 2017-04-09 DD, upl. Ruben Undheim rubund Collecting requirements onovy ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-10-04 2016-10-16 DD, upl. Anders Kaseorg andersk Collecting requirements christoph ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-03-22 2017-03-23 DD, upl. Uli Scholler cptnemo Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-04-06 2017-04-08 DD, upl. Jonathan Cristopher Carter jcc Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-04-07 2017-04-15 DD, upl. Alex Muntada alexm Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-09-06 2016-10-23 DD, upl. Dave Hibberd hibby Collecting requirements lfaraone ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-04-09 2017-04-09 DD, upl. Carsten Schoenert tijuca Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-09-21 2016-10-05 DD, upl. Andreas Boll aboll Collecting requirements zeha ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-01-22 2017-04-23 DD, upl. Punit Agrawal punit Approved noodles ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✔AM report
2017-03-18 2017-04-09 DD, upl. Luca Boccassi bluca Collecting requirements lfaraone ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-11-24 2016-12-21 DD, upl. Ilias Tsitsimpis iliastsi Collecting requirements gwolf ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-11-15 2017-04-23 DD, upl. Guilhem Moulin guilhem Approved reichel ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✔AM report
2016-06-08 2016-11-04 DD, upl. Hilmar Preusse hille42 Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck ✘AM report
2016-11-04 2016-11-15 DD, upl. Michael Shuler mshuler Collecting requirements lfaraone ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-02-07 2017-03-15 DD, upl. Roger Shimizu rosh Collecting requirements asb ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-04-24 2017-04-24 DD, upl. Dominik George natureshadow Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✘Advocate ✘Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-04-05 2017-04-21 DD, upl. Michael Jeanson mjeanson Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck ✘AM report
2017-04-20 2017-04-20 DM Simon Leinen simon Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✘Advocate ✘Keycheck
2017-03-22 2017-04-10 DM Sebastien Jodogne jodogne Approved ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck
2017-04-09 2017-04-20 DM James Valleroy jvalleroy Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck
2016-07-12 2016-10-13 DM Unit 193 unit193 Collecting requirements ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✘Keycheck
2017-02-11 2017-03-07 DM Aurélien COUDERC coucouf Approved ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck
2017-02-25 2017-03-07 DM Patricio Paez ppaez Approved ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck
2017-02-16 2017-03-07 DM Ondřej Kobližek kobla Approved ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck
2017-03-16 2017-04-10 DM Felix Lechner lechner Approved ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck
2017-01-22 2017-01-27 DM Ana Cristina Custura a Waiting for review ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP ✔Advocate ✔Keycheck
2017-02-06 2017-02-06 DM+account Dominik George natureshadow Waiting for review ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP
2016-11-28 2017-03-26 DM+account Jean Baptiste Favre jbfavre Approved ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP
2017-01-31 2017-01-31 DM+account Jens Reyer jreyer-guest Waiting for review ✔Intent ✔SC/DMUP

Processes closed in the last 30 days

Old-style processes

The process workflow has been reimplemented and this page lists only the processes using the new workflow.
Archive list of processes using the old workflow.