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Debian New Member - Status DD, non-upl.

This is a list of all the 21 people known in the database who have status "DD, non-upl.". You can sort the table by clicking/shift+clicking on headers. Note that the data import for things that were historically not handled by the NM website is still incomplete.
Since Account name Name
2016-08-19 adrianorg Adriano Rafael Gomes
2015-05-18 anoe Alexandre Delanoë
2013-06-26 azadi Sukhbir Singh
2013-08-01 bgupta Brian Gupta
2011-01-25 brother Martin Bagge
2012-03-27 caroll Ana Carolina Comandulli
2016-06-20 donald Donald Norwood
2013-10-21 harmoney Patty Langasek
2016-07-10 holgerw Holger Wansing
2010-12-29 kaare Kåre Thor Olsen
2015-08-14 larjona Laura Arjona Reina
2012-11-15 leatherface Julien Patriarca
2011-05-23 madamezou Francesca Ciceri
2016-08-07 matthieucan Matthieu Caneill
2010-12-23 mdz Matt Zimmerman
2015-02-07 nattie Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
2015-09-11 rattusrattus Andy Simpkins
2016-07-15 sblondon Stéphane Blondon
2014-11-20 tassia Tássia Camões Araújo
2014-07-29 tobald Christophe Siraut
2015-06-23 tvincent Thomas Vincent